We are an Indian-owned health technology company

We build innovative, patient-centered, provider-focused solutions for our communities.
We believe Indian solutions are best for Indian Country.

- Inaji Founding Vision

Our Solutions
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Our products start and end where you'd expect them to: with the patient. We employ rigorous user-centered design (UCD) principles before we ship a single line of code so that we know we're building the right things for the patient.

Cloud powered

We are leveraging the power of cloud computing to centralize operations and enable innovation while keeping costs low and patient data secure. But we also recognize that solutions must meet our communities where they are and account for limited bandwidth.


Our development teams use proven agile software development methods that quickly produce working software that improves with each iteration -- and prioritizes collaboration with patients and stakeholder each step of the way.


Our systems are crafted with Patient Health Information (PHI) security in mind from the start. We apply rigorous security standards that comply with federal standards including HIPPA, FISMA, and GDPR and use automated testing and compliance monitoring to ensure patient data is always protected.


We work collaborative with I/T/U facilities to ensure we are taking an informed and consultative, whole-of-Indian-Country approach to the products and feature we are building.


Our systems are designed with interoperability in mind. We share best-practices across our I/T/U partners and leverage cloud computing to empower integration and connectivity across federal and state exchanges as well as major payer systems.

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We are pursuing design led by our communities and built using our proven methods -- but we can't do it without you

About Inaji

Inaji is an Indian-owned health technology company creating innovative solutions. We believe Indian solutions are best for Indian Country. As patients and family members, we are invested in removing costly barriers to care for our relatives, elders, and communities.

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Our Team

Geoffrey Roth Headshot

Geoffrey S. Roth

Co-founder and Healthcare Policy Expert
Geoff (Standing Rock Sioux) is a subject matter expert in Indian healthcare policy with deep experience in urban Indian, tribal, and government relations. He served as a Senior Advisor within Indian Health Service focused on implementing the Affordable Care Act for the Obama Administration and is currently an Expert Member of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
Rusty Pickens headshot

Rusty D. Pickens

Co-founder and Digital Transformation Expert
Rusty (Chickasaw) is a subject matter expert in digital transformation for large organizations. He served as Senior Advisor for Digital Platforms at the US Department of State and Deputy New Media Director for the Obama White House implementing cloud platforms and agile software development teams for highly visible products such as Whitehouse.gov and the President's Correspondence System.

Our Partners

Incentive Medical Logo

Incentive Medical

Incentive Medical provides solutions for providers, organizations and health care systems to provide higher quality, more accessible Health care in a responsible, sustainable, and cost effective fashion. With a commitment to communities with health care insecurity, our solutions are patient primum.

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